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While going through my health problem, I spent hours on the internet looking for ways to help cure my condition. The research studies, articles and videos listed on this page helped me make my decision to go for phage therapy.

I have collated them here into a Reference Library, so that anyone looking for information on phage therapy can save their time and find it here in one place.

Reference Articles and Research Studies:

Phage Therapy: Past History and Future Prospects

Bacterial viruses (bacteriophages, also called “phages”) can be robust antibacterial agents in vitro. However, their use as therapeutic agents, during a number of trials from the1920s to the 1950s was greatly handicapped by a number of factors. In part, there were certain limitations inherent in phage physiology...

Phage Therapy: Combating Infections with Potential for Evolving from Merely a Treatment for Complications to Targeting Diseases

Antimicrobial resistance is considered to be one of the greatest challenges of medicine and our civilizations. Lack of progress in developing new anti-bacterial agents has greatly revived interest in using phage therapy...

Bacteriophage Therapy

An Alternative to Conventional Antibiotics

Multidrug resistant bacteria are a serious health problem these days. Persistant use of broad spectrum antibiotics leads to further drug resistance in these organism. Rigorous research activities are ongoing to develop alternate methods of treatment of infections caused by these microorganisms. Phage therapy seems to be a good option for this problem...

Pros and cons of phage therapy

many publications list advantages and disadvantages associated with phage therapy, which is the use of bacte- rial viruses to combat populations of nui- sance or pathogenic bacteria. The goal of this commentary is to discuss many of those issues in a single location. in terms of “pros,” for example, phages can be bac- tericidal, can increase in number over the course of treatment...

Land of the bacteria-eaters

For hospital workers an outbreak of harmful bacteria in the wards is a nightmare, but what gives bacteria nightmares? Perhaps the prospect of being eaten alive by a kind of viral parasite called a bacteriophage (bacteria eater): unlike antibiotics, which some bacteria have evolved a resistance to, bacteriophages ...

Media Articles

Could viruses called bacteriophages be the answer to the antibiotic crisis?

Surgeon Gabriel Weston visited the Eliava Institute in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia to find out more about a decades-old treatment that could prove vital in the battle against...

Phages may be key in bacteria battle

At the Eliava Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia, patients are treated for all kinds of bacterial infections with viruses called phages. In most places in the world antibiotics are given for these infections. One patient says he regularly uses phages to treat a recurring...

Antimicrobial resistance: clear and present danger

India awoke late to risks of antibiotic overuse and is scrambling to contain the surge in drug resistance.After years of doing little to tackle the silent but potentially deadly proliferation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in India, all hell broke loose in 2008, when New Delhi was tacked onto the name of a one such bug...

Reference Videos:

TEDx Talk by the former Director of Eliava Institute on Phage Therapy
Dr Timothy Lu of MIT on Biofilm and Phage Therapy
A documentary on Phage Therapy featuring our founder, Pranav, and others undergoing phage therapy
TEDx Talk by Evolutionary Biologist
and Phage Hunter,
Heather Hendrickson
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