About Us

Hello! I’m Pranav, the founder of Vitalis Phage Therapy. I am from Delhi. I am the fourth generation entrepreneur in my family’s book publishing business, Rajpal & Sons. I am an ardent book lover myself, I love driving and taking roadtrips, and enjoy a good game of cricket. I suffered from chronic bacterial prostatitis and related health problems for a year and a half, and was cured using phage therapy.

- Pranav, Founder, Vitalis Phage Therapy

Hi, I’m Apurva, the co-founder of Vitalis Phage Therapy. I am from Delhi. I was a Fellow at Teach For India before starting Vitalis Phage Therapy.

For one and a half years, I saw my husband, Pranav, suffer from chronic prostatitis caused by antibiotic-resistant infections, which made us resolve to do our best to ensure that no one goes through the helplessness that we felt before we knew of phage therapy.

- Apurva, Co-Founder, Vitalis Phage Therapy

We have founded Vitalis Phage Therapy to bring phage therapy closer to those most in need of this cure, that is, people suffering from chronic conditions or antibiotic-resistant infections. Having been inspired by the success of the treatment given to Pranav, we have partnered with the Eliava Phage Therapy Center to facilitate phage therapy for people who are suffering from such infections and are looking for an alternative way to treat them. Neither of us is a medical professional. Please see the Disclaimer at the bottom of the page.
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